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11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Please join READ USA & ONEJAX Celebrating World Non-Violence Days & Gandhi's 150th



Reading boosts your empathy and tolerance for others. With all the things in our world today that pull us in the opposite direction, Reading brings us back, reminds us what it is to be human, to feel emotions and to use them with peace and love. It is our mission to promote literacy among today’s youth and allow them to see their lives as open and full of possibilities.

To contribute to the local conversation about empathy that was central to such recent public events as the Empathy Day Rally this March, the OneJax Humanitarian awards, last month’s Mandela activities and the theme that has resonated in our country and globally, READ USA and ONEJAX are seizing the opportunity to showcase the link between literacy and empathy on what would have been Gandhi’s 150th birthday.


This event will feature a luncheon with two Indian-American women, Sheetal Sheth and Megha Parekh, who will speak, and awards will be given to others who use reading to foster non-violence.

Sheetal Sheth, award-winning actress and author, will share her story of bullying and her mission to take this message to the world.

Megha Parekh, Jaguar’s Chief Counsel, will be sharing her inspiring story of how she hit the books at a young age and how it impacts her life and work as a humanitarian today.

Darnell Smith, Market President for Florida Blue for the North Florida Region, well-known for his humanitarian interests and realistic humility about one’s importance in the world, will Emcee this event.

Join us for inspiring talks, introspective discussions, Peace Recognition Awards to some of Jacksonville's own Change-Makers, and seated lunch as we honor the life of Mahatma Gandhi and celebrate his ideals for peace, unity and freedom.

Net proceeds from this event will benefit READ USA.


ONEJAX - OneJax is an interfaith organization dedicated to achieving civility, understanding and respect for all through education, dialogue and community-building. Our vision is an inclusive community where difference is welcomed and celebrated.


READ USA INC - Our mission is to put books in the hands of every low-income child, employ struggling young teen tutors as leaders, promote the love of reading and learning, and to end the cycle of poverty.

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