Book Choice & Ownership

61% of low-income homes have zero (0) books in them.

(U.S. Department of Education)

2/3 of the achievement gap between higher and lower-income youth can be explained by unequal access to books.

(Alexander et al, 2007)

READ USA understood that book choice, access and ownership are critical factors in helping children reach grade-level reading proficiency.

READ USA organized its first free book fair for students at George Washington Carver Elementary School in 2011. Since then, READ USA has held hundreds of book fairs, putting thousands of free, new, colorful and culturally sensitive titles into the hands of elementary school students across Duval County. Each year, READ USA organizes an average of 100 free book fairs in elementary schools.

By organizing free book fairs in every Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) elementary school, READ USA is leveling the playing field in under-resourced communities by providing students of all economic backgrounds the opportunity to build their own at-home library.

In addition to free book fairs, READ USA hosts Literacy Locker Rooms in partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the local NFL team. READ USA provides free books to elementary schools and Jaguars players team up with children to read books together.

Resources to support reading!

READ USA provides tools for parents to support grade-level reading proficiency, student activities to encourage a love for reading and information on community partnerships for collective impact.

Downloadable Resource Guides

To date, READ USA has distributed more than 675,000 books to over 215,000 students in need.

However, we cannot do all this alone. It takes financial investment from our generous individual and corporate sponsors and volunteer hours from our supporters. Please consider getting involved in our book fairs today:

  • Provide a one-time or monthly donation to support book fairs in Duval County.
  • Sponsor an entire school’s book fair.
  • Organize a corporate team to volunteer at book fair(s).
  • Volunteer your time at book fair(s).
Get Involved
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READ USA proudly partners with Duval County Public Schools to provide FREE Scholastic Book Fairs to all 100+ public elementary schools. This partnership is partially funded through the US Department of Education’s Inclusion of Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant.
This year, READ USA is excited to welcome Winn-Dixie as a Book Fair business partner. Winn-Dixie has generously donated 52,000 bags to help each student carry their books and printed materials home.

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Department of Education

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