Jordyn Coleman

Jordyn Coleman

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Jordyn Coleman serves as the Executive Assistant for READ USA, supporting Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rob Kelly and Chief Programs Officer Tabetha Cox. Her responsibilities in this role include serving as receptionist at READ USA’s offices at the Schultz Center, providing executive scheduling and administrative support, bookkeeping, and general office management. She joined READ USA in September 2023.

A Jacksonville native, Jordyn is a small business owner of Heartbeat Dispatching, a company she founded in 2022, in addition to her role at READ USA. Seeing opportunity in the rapidly growing logistics industry, Jordyn founded Heartbeat Dispatching to support independent semi-truck owner/operators by connecting them with cross-country transportation loads to carry and helping ensure route accountability and that they have consistent work.

Prior to READ USA, Jordyn developed nearly 15 years of experience in numerous customer service roles at a variety of Jacksonville-based companies. She has worked in the finance, mortgage, and insurance industries, and earned her Florida Resident Customer Representative 4-40 License, enabling her to sell and discuss home and property insurance. Prior to a short stint as a flight attendant early in her career, Jordyn also served as an Enrichment Teacher for Community Connections.

Jordyn earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Florida State College at Jacksonville. In her spare time, Jordyn is a fervent reader who typically reads more than 200 books a year. Preferring audio books so she can read while passively conducting other tasks – she also opts for audio books verses music while driving – Jordyn enjoys romance, mystery, and thriller novels. She particularly enjoys reading books and comparing the stories to the television or film versions.