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READ USA Participates in DCPS Title I Conference

  • Read USA Inc.
  • June 21 2023

Today and tomorrow, READ USA’s CEO Dr. Rob Kelly is honored to be a guest presenter at Duval County Public Schools’ 2023 Title I Conference, aptly themed “Be A Hero” this year. Hosted annually by DCPS, the Title I conference provides professional development opportunities for teachers and principals at Title I schools, ranging from academic content and behavioral topics to community services and designing lesson plans. The robust, K-12-focused content arms educators with additional knowledge and resources to help them maximize student impact and success at Title I schools.

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Dr. Kelly’s sessions focused on – you guessed it! – reading and literacy! During his hands-on presentation about “Practical Reading Knowledge and Reading Strategies,” he provided teachers with reading intervention strategies they can use based on READ USA’s evidence-based best practices and learnings and insights gleaned through its Literacy Tutoring program. He focused on how educators can bridge classroom instruction and supplemental instruction to improve students’ literacy skills both inside and outside the classroom. One participant said, “I learned ways to help my 12th graders decode words!” and another said, “Every Pre-K and 1st grade teacher needs this training!”

Many thanks to DCPS for inviting READ USA to participate, and a special thank you to the teachers who joined us! Your engagement and questions during Dr. Kelly’s session today helped enhance the experience for everyone in the room – thank every single one of you for “Being a Hero” in your classrooms every day!



Children’s Book: The Undefeated, by Kwame Alexander

Illustrated by Kadir Nelsontheundefeated_large

The Undefeated is a non-fiction history book written in verse for children. It tells the true stories of prominent African Americans who played a pivotal role in American history and beyond: both the “dreamers” and the “doers.” The Undefeated highlights the determination, passion, and faith of some of the world’s greatest heroes. It brings stark attention to the endurance and spirit of those surviving and thriving in the present. The book includes illustrations by Kadir Nelson, as well as an index of historical figures and events that young readers can explore while reading the book.

The Undefeated may also be enjoyed as a read-aloud, which is available on READ USA’s YouTube channel here.

Submitted by Kathi Hart, Tutoring Program Content Specialist

Parent Education Corner: Activities to Promote Literacy Growth in Grades 2nd – 5th

During the READ USA Book Fairs in May, every child that attended was given a READ USA Parent Guide with literacy activities and reading support for you to use at home. These resources are especially beneficial as you support your child’s literacy development during the summer months.

We will be sharing these resources in the Parent Corner this month in case you missed receiving your Parent Guide from the READ USA Book Fair. You can also access digital versions of the Parent Guide here (and they are available in nine different languages, too!).

Enjoy these fun and engaging activities with your child this summer!



Submitted by Kathi Hart, Tutoring Program Content Specialist

Do you have any questions or ideas for the Parent Education Corner? Anything you’d like to learn? Let us know here!

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