To give children access to books, we're partnering with City Year, Scholastic and other local groups to bring beautiful, colorful, and expansive book fairs to low-income schools at no cost to the students. Through your donations, every student at the school chooses three new books to take home.  Book ownership is key to student success, because…


As a sponsor of one student, a number of students, or an entire school, we at READ USA are grateful for you for your important role in providing brand new book choice, book ownership and for turning the page on poverty through supporting a culture of literacy for lifelong learning. All levels receive contribution acknowledgment (for tax purposes), THANK YOU notes by mail, and listing on website and/or other print/media, as applicable.

Your gift means so much to a child’s future.

Every penny counts towards a child’s education.

Fund a school, receive additonal benefits.


Consider Volunteering

It could change your life, It WILL change theirs.



Thank YOU to our Book Fair Volunteers and Sponsors

Our 2018 & 2019 Sponsors & Community Partners

In 2018, the book fairs scheduled for the week of 5/21/18  and the back to school book fair held on 8/4/18 were a huge success!  We served 7,394 students who chose at least 3 free brand-new books to own for over 28,000 free new books delivered through the fairs with countless smiles!  Thank you for your role in helping us expand over 200% in 2019. Together we are serving over 16,000 students in 41 title 1 schools and community centers.

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Carlton Spence

Carmen North

Carrie Callahan

Cindy and Dan Edelman
and Poppy and Rob Clements

Cindy and Scott Cooper

Delores Barr Weaver

Emily Rhodin

Jan Healy and Chuck Hyman

Karen Sawyer

Kathy and Fred Vanderbilt

Kendall Park

Laine and Gary Silverfield

Lisa and Glenn Abraham

Meredith Guess

Nona J Rawls and Taylor Jones Foundation

Nina Waters

Robin Abraham

Samir Gupta

Snowden McFall

Stephen Sherman 

Susan and Greg Roth

Susan D. Brandenburg

Tania Yount

The Ann Baker Children Family Foundation and Sally Baker Lee

Tom Caron