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  • Read USA Inc.
  • February 22 2023

READ USA’s Literacy Tutoring program is measurably advancing grade-level reading proficiency in elementary students across Duval County. To date, thousands of students have made literacy progress on standardized tests, while also forming impactful connections with our teen tutors who are earning a living wage, improving their own reading proficiency, and learning valuable workforce development skills.

Literacy Tutoring is positively impacting thousands of lives in our community – and we welcome you to be a part of it!


READ USA is seeking Assessors for our Literacy Tutoring program. Assessors are responsible for administering assessments and reporting data for elementary students using standardized and evidence-based measures. Assessors are paid $25/hour, receive paid (mandatory) training with supporting materials, and must have a bachelor’s degree or higher. A background check and fingerprinting are also required before working in the schools. Assessments begin in April 2023 – which will be here before we know it!

If you are interested, please apply here, or forward this email to anyone you think might be interested!

READ USA Attends FSCJ Literacy Fair

Earlier this month, READ USA had the pleasure of participating in Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Literacy Fair. Hundreds of families came together to celebrate a love of reading, enjoy games and activities – and receive free books! We were grateful to be able to provide free, brand-new and gently used books to attendees – we love seeing young smiling faces when they choose a new book to take home and enjoy!

Thank you to FSCJ for hosting this wonderful family-fun event!


Children’s Book: The Very True Legend of the Mongolian Death Worms, by Sandra Fay

Death Worms pic_large

This “legend” has it all… dangerous creatures, a forgotten desert, fedoras, feather boas, and hot pink. Follow this delightful family of Mongolian death worms as they navigate past first impressions on a journey to prove their worth and value. Scary with sharp teeth? Yes. Snake like body and green toxic drool? Also, yes. But does this mean that the Mongolian death worms can’t contribute to society and have normal friends? Probably another yes. This 2022-2023 Florida Children’s Book Award Finalist brings humor, surprise, and the hard facts about Mongolian death worms in the Gobi Desert. Features that reveal comic book style text, with unique illustrations of potato stamping and fluorescent color make this book one to remember and treasure.                  

Submitted by Tabetha Cox, Tutoring Program Director

Parent Education Corner: A Quick Check – Is Your Child Ready for School?

A Quick Check – Is Your Child Ready for School?

The preschools and kindergartens of today are much different than the early grades of the past. A decade or more ago, pre-K and Kindergarten were mainly focused on social aptitude. They spent time on snack, rest periods, free-play, manners, story time, music, and art. Today, students who are ready for school should demonstrate behaviors that show their social skills are developed and they are ready for formal learning. Use the list below to reflect on whether you and your child can spend some time working on any of these readiness indicators. Does your child understand:

We do our part to clean up after ourselves.

We care for materials and toys.

We discover more about our world when we are outside our home.

We take turns.

We talk nicely to others.

We share with others.

We can tell stories and listen to other’s stories.

Stories are told the same way again and again.

Print is different from pictures; it represents language that you can say.

We can tell our own stories from drawing and writing.

We can make books to share our ideas.

We can draw pictures to show our thinking.

There are letters in our names, and we can write them.

Some words sound alike; you can say and hear sounds in words

We can read all together by pointing at the words (a beginning understanding          that one spoken word matches one written word).


Although this list (Fountas and Pinnell, 2021) seems difficult, preschools concentrate on these concepts to ensure Kindergarten readiness. If your child does not attend preschool, these are ways to ensure your child is ready for school.

Submitted by Tabetha Cox, Tutoring Program Director

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